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Our aim at Hello Dry Nights is to help the thousands of children in New Zealand who wake in the morning to wet beds.  We know the detrimental impact bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) can have on a child's confidence, so we provide the products and training to make bedwetting more manageable for both the child and for their parents. 


If your child is six or older (including older teens) and they would love to wake up in a dry bed in as little as six weeks, we recommend our Hello Dry Nights 'Stop Bedwetting' programme. Our programme uses the latest model Ramsey Coote bedwetting alarms as the training aid.  These clinically proven alarms are recognised as the most effective available and are recommended by doctors and used by our DHBs throughout the country.

We are also proud to sell New Zealand's award-winning Brolly Sheets, in our opinion, the best in waterproof bedding.  The products we stock have been carefully selected to make your child's journey to dry nights easier.  These include the well-loved Brolly Sheets with tuck-in wings and the less known Brolly Sheets Duvet Protectors and Sleeping Bag Liners.


Wherever you are in New Zealand, we'd love to help.

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